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Blue Flower Texts donates books to the Christchurch Women’s Prison on a monthly basis. Below you can find a list of titles we have donated. If you have any particular books that you think would be useful to the Women’s Prison library, please get in touch. Reading material should be accessible to all.

April 2021:
J.C. Sturm, Postscripts (Wellington: Roger Steele, 2000).
Hone Tuwhare, No Ordinary Sun (Auckland: Blackwood and Janet Paul, 1965).
Amy Suo Wu, A Cookbook of Invisible Writing (Einhoven, NL: Onomatopee, 2019).

May 2021:
Hana Pera Aoake, A Bathful of Kawakawa & Hot Water (Auckland: Compound Press, 2020).

June 2021:
Viscose Journal, Issue 1: Style (Copenhagen; New York: 2021).

July 2021:
Kara Walker, A Black Hole Is Everything A Star Longs To Be (Zurich: JRP Editions, 2020).
Mary Kelly, The Voice Remains, (New York: Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 2018).
thanks to Cloud Workshop for these donations.

August 2021:
Eileen Myles, Evolution (London: Grove Press, 2018).