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Published 2020 by Warehouse.
166 pages.

This is not a manual in the traditional sense, with linear instructions or guidelines – rather, it is a hopefully engaging and activating collection of insights, moments and encounters, experienced during my continuing artistic research On Tour. What started out as a solo adventure consciously evolved into a collaborative and collective journey.

The intention of this manual is to inspire and support kindred individuals who are in search of an alternative rhythm of learning-working-living. Sharing multiform co-production processes and rituals of self-organisation concerning our common everyday lives.

Accompanying my own contributions, I have invited various practitioners who resonate with me on a personal and professional level to respond to our shared experiences, from and in relation to their respective practices.

The result is a textual and visual gathering of conversations, testimonials and observations, from essays to poetry, from clothing to recipes.

I recognise the realisation of this publication as an extension of my curatorial practice, in which I initiate collaborative gatherings and spaces. This manual is such a space. I see it as a living document, an ongoing conversation. An open invitation to go on a playful adventure with your own everyday ecology.

Lenn Cox explores self-organized pioneering learning-working-living environments. She engages her curatorial nomadic practice to stimulate social ecology, by researching alternative fashion practices. Led by the values of care, support, collaboration, exploration and playfulness. Lenn initiates gatherings and spaces in cooperation with a growing group of en-gaged artists, designers, makers and thinkers; professionals as well as emerging professionals. Meeting each other as kindred spirits, together developing and sharing methods of co-production and rituals of self-organisation. So that these provide individual as well as collective support and inspiration around our everyday life, and the means to guide each other in the necessary transitionary processes that we encounter.