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Published 2021 by GLORIA.
212 pages.

As needed, as possible: Emerging discussions on art, labour and collaboration in Aotearoa is a digital and print publication that emerges from thinking, talking and making around art, labour and life in contemporary Aotearoa. Initially prompted by a series of questions we asked ourselves around the role Enjoy—and the contemporary art space more generally—plays within a broader arts ecology and society, this publication looks outward, building upon conversations with friends and colleagues around how to make a life, and a living, in and around art.

Published in collaboration with Enjoy, As needed, as possible considers the social, economic and political frameworks practitioners and organisations occupy in contemporary Aotearoa. It aims to make a modest contribution to a wider field of discussion thinking through the kind of spaces and culture we wish to be working in, and how we might arrive there.

With contributions by Emma Bugden and Chloe Geoghegan, Sophie Davis, Simon Gennard, Sarah Hudson and Zoe Thompson-Moore, Ella Grace McPherson-Newton, Ōtautahi Kōrerotia, Public Share, James Tapsell-Kururangi and Ema Tavola.

Edited by Sophie Davis and Simon Gennard
Designed by Katie Kerr